7 Ways An Email List Makes Money


I remember the biggest mistake I made in 2013 when I first started writing about finance, getting out of debt, having multiple sources of income.

I admit that I was way too slow to adapt. Not an early-adapter, for sure.

I think for myself, and maybe those who read this post, email just seems like a daunting task for some reason.

So, when I was creating my first course FACEBOOK AUTHORITEE, I realized that I really needed to learn anything and everything about building an email list.

I had no clue how anything worked. I didn’t know how to send a newsletter, I didn’t know how to get people to join my email list, and so on and so on.

But, I don’t like to live in the past .

So, today, I am here to tell you to start an email list for your blog RIGHT NOW.
Don’t wait until tomorrow, and definitely don’t wait until next year.
I really wish I would have spent more time on my newsletter, but I’m glad I’ve learned from my mistake.
Due to this, I recommend that all bloggers spend time growing their email list.
Here is why all bloggers should have an email list:

1. Email Marketing For A Blog Is Simple

Okay, so I know what a lot of you are probably thinking “But, it’s so hard to start an email list!” Or, “I don’t even know what the first step to start an email list for my blog is!”

That is completely fine, and I understand.
I was completely confused when it came to email lists and I had no idea what I was doing. And, that is why I waited so many years to finally start my email list.

Creating an email list in actually much easier than you think.

Your email list is something you own forever.
With Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, Twitter you have followers and fans sure. But what happens when your reach suddenly is cut in half. Worse yet halved, then halved yet again!

You see! The only sure thing when it comes to your customers is your email list.

People sometimes complain that starting, growing and nurturing an email list is hard work. But here is the truth – when we don’t like to do something, that is what I consider “work.” But when I do things we do enjoy, it makes the effort twice as easy.

Once you get your email list going, even though there is a learning curve, it can be one of the most exciting parts of your business.

2. The Money Is In The List

There is no question that you can make a lot of money with an email list.

It depends on your niche, but for most niches – email list building is the best way to make money.

Now what you need to understand is a little concept called:

Know – Like – Trust.

What you want to do is: 1) gain subscribers in exchange for a free gift, or “lead magnet” or anything valuable that your ideal customer would really want and would be willing to give you their email in order to get it.

1. KNOW – So you begin with this step and now this subscriber knows you or about you. Great first step. But you only just started.

The next thing we want to do is give them a few emails that provide very helpful and FREE information. Even better, be a real human, share mistakes, joys, desires and they will begin to go to the next step with you.

2. LIKE – is the next step after KNOW. When a subscriber begins to like you – this is no small thing. In fact one of the best things you can do with a new subscriber is to send out some automated messages designed to get subscribers to this next step. When an email subscriber likes you, they will begin to really depend on you and involve you in their weekly schedule.

Soon they are ready to move to the final step:

3. TRUST – now that’s a powerful step. To get someone to trust you is no small achievement!

You can be sure that once your subscriber has begun to trust you, whenever you mention products or services (yours or an affiliate product) they will be very interested!

Your email subscribers signed up specifically to hear from you and read what YOU have to say, so you definitely have their attention. Your email list, over any other strategy, will almost always lead to more sales.

3. Email Subscribers Become Strong Followers

This is so true.

Maybe it’s just how the idea of an email list has evolved. But people will read emails. And you can send messages even once or twice daily in some niches. For this reason, it becomes a vehicle for incredibly strong engagement and influence.
Your email subscribers are loyal followers.

If someone is allowing you to show up in their email inbox whenever you want, then they really want to know what you have to say and enjoy reading your emails.

Perhaps nothing is as effective long-term for building loyalty and trust about literally anything you teach, train, explain as emails.

After someone has read at least 5-6 emails from you, they will come to new levels of trust and interest.

Any here is the kicker – you control when they hear from you! The more you email outstanding and relevant content in easy-to-absorb ways, the more they will respond.

Imagine having any other form of influence where people are literally conditioned to open their emails daily or even three to four times EVERY DAY to see who has the most interesting subject line.

4. You Can Show Email Subscribers Other Forms of Content

No! You don’t need to stick with emails ONLY!

Think bigger!

Imagine creating a super awesome YOUTUBE video!

And lets say you have 10,000 subscribers. Thats not really that hard to get to in a few years or possibly sooner if you are super diligient. And you send out an email about a “Super Cool Video I Shot Just For You!”

Inside the email, you give them a few details and the youtube link – and BAM! They are now watching that video and only getting more and more interested in you and your thoughts!

And normally only if you have a super huge channel on YouTube with thousands and thousands of followers would be able to get as much response as even just one email sent out to a list with less than 10,000.

You can also use an email list as a way to send a COURSE to your people. Every week you could email the next section of the Course!

You can give links to your Pinterest, Twitter and many other social media posts. You can even remind people about a VERY SPECIAL EMAIL that is going to becoming next week!

So how that just makes people GROW ANTICIPATION and INTEREST about your big LAUNCH!

5. Email Marketing Services Make it Easy Peasy

Contrary to what some might wonder – you don’t want to send people emails from your Yahoo or Gmail accounts.

Bad idea.

No see, I am not trying to pour cold water on your genius. I’m throwing you a life preserver before your boat sinks!

First, you cannot email more than 50 at one time on most Yahoo or Google accounts. And second, they likely will get really mad if you try to do that. Why? Well, why is gravity so painful when you fall 1000 feet. Not sure why.

Have you ever heard of an Email Auto Responder?

These things are like miracles. They are built especially for sending mass emails to thousands and even hundreds of thousands of subscribers all at once. And they are built to include the legal protections and requirements for online marketing all across the world – ONLINE.

They have built in tools for mass emailing under the latest legal requirements for mass emailing – that Yahoo and Gmail do not have.

Also, to email so many all at once you need a hefty software program to do all the heavy lifting for you, and provide data to help you know how well each email CAMPAIGN does.

Can you imagine such a cool thing?

6. Email Marketing Gives a Great ROI

A great email marketing company to check out is Aweber. They have great customer service and a free 30 day trial (no credit card required)

Aweber will allow you to:

  • Send new subscribers a welcome email automatically
  • Trigger email series based on where contacts click
  • Segment your email subscribers based on their interests (this is a feature that I highly recommend using!)
  • Automatically resend emails to non-opens
  • Grow your email list with powerful list-building tools that they offer

One other reason why I really like Aweber is because they are very affordable. They have a risk-free trial, and they have a large selection of brief training videos in every area you might need help with to get you started.

So, you can test it out and see if you like it first.

Please click here to try out Aweber!

7. The Rule of “7” Fits Email Marketing to a “T”

Have you heard about the rule of “7” in Marketing?

Take any marketing course, and the first thing you will learn is this:

“On average – It takes someone 7 times to see an advertisement about a new product or service before they are ready to buy it.”

That advertisement can be any variety including a radio spot, TV commercial, billboard, flyer, post or display.

Whatever the ad mix, people need, on average, 7 Times to hear/view it before they are ready to buy.

The rule of 7 is very much “in play” when it comes to making money online. But paying for all those marketing pieces really ads up quick.

Oh no! What to do?

Wait a minute! You’re in luck. You have an email list! Instead of spending tons of money on, what we call in the online marketing business “cold traffic” why not just create some brief but effective emails that lead an interested person from cold – to – hot?

You can actually accomplish the “Rule of 7” amazingly well from email.

You can send a few emails to introduce the product and perhaps focus on a different aspect of the product or service in each email. They may not read all of them, but likely if they read a few, they will be very interested in reading the rest.

You may even mix in a video or social media post.

Well to summarize, here are the 7 ways to make income with an email list once more time:

  • Simple to Get Going
  • Each Subscriber is worth a minimum of $1 a month
  • Email creates very strong followers
  • Link to Other content in emails
  • Easy to use Auto Responder capabilities
  • Incredibly high ROI with Email Marketing
  • Email is the easiest way to quickly climb to the “Rule of 7” in Marketing.

That’s it for now!

See you next time!


PS. Once again, to check out my personal favorite Auto Responder Service – “AWEBER” – go here!

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