10 Side Hustles I Have Done To Make $1000 Fast


There often comes a time in our vocational lives where we must do something in addition to our full-time job in order to solve a financial crisis, need, or goal.

We may think our job is guaranteed till we retire. But like millions of others, we can be one meeting away from a significant pay-cut, job change, or even termination.

Because of this, I strongly recommend having a side-gig that has potential to become a full-time gig should said disaster take place.
Making extra money is no walk in the park, but at the same time, it’s not mission impossible either. You just need to find a few money-making hobbies that you can convert into a legitimate business. You’ll actually enjoy and look forward to!
Just imagine what you could do with a few extra hundreds or thousands of dollars in your pockets every month?

I know! Right?

For the most part, my and I used most of our extra money to bring down our debt load.

It feels sooooo good!

Let’s look at some of the part-time side hustles I have done, that you could do as well..

1. Begin a Money-Making Blog

Start a blog that makes money.
This is a mini side project that I just started.

I genuinely enjoy writing topics about making money, saving money, and overall personal finance. My goal is to help you live a better life without having to stress about your finances!

What I learned over the year is that you don’t need to be the best writer nor an expert in what you blog about!

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2. Paint A House

I mentioned in another post that I have painted homes for extra cash. I definitely have.

As a matter of fact, I went through a job change years ago, and thank God I had this side-gig already going with a house flipping company! I just told them I needed to get as many jobs as possible for a while. Having that side hustle that easily transitioned to full-time for several months truly saved us financially that year.

I was painting interior rooms, and sometimes entire houses. I was pretty fast and very meticulous so I could charge even more than the going rate as I got more experienced and people would pay me for the quality I was doing.

Then the time came for me to get back into my long-term vocation or calling. I was happy to move on. But I must say, sometimes I miss just getting into a house and going after it with my paint roller! LOL

3. Sell Things On eBay

Are you someone who buys cool stuff from time to time, but then never uses it much after, like… a time or two?

What’s wrong with you?

Ha ha. Hey, I am not the one to judge. I have done this myself. I don’t know what gets into us sometimes? We buy something kinda amazing, and then we come to realize for whatever reason, we don’t want it.

So what are we gonna do with it?

We try to return it. And sometimes we are able to if we haven’t let the return deadline pass. But try as we might, there just are those times where we have a valuable item sitting around that could be of much use to someone else – if we could only find them.


EBAY. I love it.

I even love saying it.

“Eebaay. Eebaay. Eebaay.”

What I love even more is, with the exception of Amazon, you can likely find even the most rare and little known items somehwere on Ebay. Yes, individual users sell stuff on their Ebay store. But you will also find many third party businesses, as well as larger known international companies all selling items on Ebay.

You could also make a surprising sum from flipping clothing and selling them on various online platforms, did you know that you can make money with eBay by selling other items for a profit?

Similar to selling on Amazon, you can sell just about anything and make a good profit on eBay. That includes stuff you find at thrift stores, yard sales, clearance items, or estate sales. If you love thrifting or finding awesome deals that allow you to buy low and sell high, then getting started with eBay as a seller is perfect for you.

You can learn more about selling on eBay for beginners if you like the idea of making extra money with this type of side hustle. This hobby or part-time gig could potentially turn into a full-time career down the road!

4. Use Ebates When You Buy Things

Ebates works with over 2,000 retailers including Indigo, Amazon, eBay, Nike, Foot Locker, Michael Kors, Groupon, and so much more! You can earn up to 40% cash back on the things you normally buy online. This is one of thee most popular cash-back program and it’s seriously the best one that I know to date!
All you need to do is – sign up to Ebates today – and you’ll get a special $10 welcome bonus after you make your first purchase that is over $25!
Look – don’t leave FREE money on the table!

This is very easy to use and it’s passive too! (Remember what I always say – “Entrepreneurs love passive income!”)

For more information, you can read my full Ebates review and tutorial here on how to use it along with an efficient way to make money with it. You won’t be disappointed with Ebates!

5. Make Money With Pinterest

I never knew how to make money on Pinterest. It seemed like one of those strange artsy folks sites where only the graphic designers need apply.

I was on pins and needles trying to understand “pins” ehem… get it?

I thought Pinterest had zero to do with making money.

Not so, I have since found out.

The biggest revelation came after I took a simple Pinterest Course and discovered exactly how and why Pinterest works and began to build my own Pinterest boards.

I still didn’t know how to monetize them. And then again, I took another Course and realized how many mind-blowing ways you could earn extra money with Pinterest! No experience nor degree required!

Want to get the inside scoop of how you can use Pinterest to your advantage?

Learn more about how I earn money online with Pinterest HERE!

6. Make Money With Amazon

If there is one overall giant in the land of online purchasing, it is definitely Amazon.

Honestly, if you have never ever used Amazon. Well, first let me introduce to you what a credit card is. Because, if you have not even heard of Amazon, you likely don’t have a credit card.

Not that I am a fan of just handing Amazon my money..

Truth is – I am talking about the opposite – making money from others who buy products on Amazon.

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She started this as a side hustle (working less than 20 hours a week) and was able to earn over six-figures within her first year!
Jessica’s free course includes the following outline:
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– What tools we use to save time and be the most efficient in our business

7. Fill Out Online Surveys

If you have segments of your day or week where you tend to have time to “kill” or if you often need something to do while riding home from the bus or subway, I have the perfect side hustle for you!

There are actually some legitimate survey companies out there to help you earn extra money after work.
I know after a long day of work, you’re tired so the last thing you want to think about is your job and more work!

Some of these survey companies I use to make extra money include:
– American Consumer Opinion
– InboxDollars
– Swagbucks Surveys
– MyPoints
– Vindale Research US (If you’re Canadian, use Vindale Research Canada here)
Again, membership is 100% free. By signing up for many survey sites, you’ll get to take more surveys for more money!

How it works is you get rewarded just by surfing the web (like how you Google search for things), watching videos, playing games, shop, taking surveys, and more. These are just the things you normally do online every day!

Swagbucks paid out their members $326,881,803! 

It’s a 100% FREE resource that literally takes you less than 5 seconds to join.
I’m a loyal user of Swagbucks and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to earn extra cash by doing fun and easy things online!

 You can get a FREE $5 bonus from Swagbucks here just by signing up today.

 Important: Make sure to verify the email from Swagcks in your inbox so you can start making extra money immediately!

8. Refurbish Old Furniture & Sell It

Okay so truth be told – I’ve never refurbished furniture for extra cash personally but I wanted to and looked into it.

My dad showed me how to varnish wood, stain, and build the parts, finally connecting them all together.
My wife’s father actually makes custom furniture for a living!

So maybe it’s inevitable. Ha

If crafting is something that piques your interest, I highly recommend you starting this side hustle today.

Tip: Based on my area and what I’ve seen online, the shabby chic or modern chic style is in. I also noticed that my stenciled furniture with designs and French words such as “Paris” sold much quicker!

Here are some products I use to make extra money flipping furniture. HINT: You can also use them to save money on your furniture.
High-quality paintbrush:
I use this exact same Purdy paint brush set..

You will need a couple of these angled brushes to get into the tiny edges of your furniture. Purdy paint brushes

 are high quality and very affordable too. This is what you NEED to get a nice finishing. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT invest in poor quality paint brushes.

The type of paintbrush you use makes a world of a difference and your buyers will be happy with your finishes. I’m not a professional, but I can assure you that you will thank yourself for listening to this advice!

I recommend this value pack of 3 over a single brush

 because there will come a time where you wish you had more than one paintbrush. Don’t make the same mistake I did.
Beautiful pulls and knobs:
I use these gorgeous crystal knobs

 to bring class to the chest drawer and cabinets that I flip. They don’t break the bank at all! When you buy the 25 value pack, it works out to be about $1 per knob! And honestly, that’s the easiest way to add value to your pieces! When you buy 8 pieces, it works out to be roughly $2 to $3 per knob which is totally worth the investment if you want to make money with your furniture.

9. Become an Online or Offline Tudor

If there’s a subject you love or a skill you’re good at, use it to your advantage to make extra money!

I’m sure your family or friends know someone who is looking for you to teach them something you’re good at. If not, you can advertise yourself online to see who’s looking for your expertise.
Look who’s hiring!

Did you know that you could earn up to $22 per hour just by tutoring students online through VIPKID’s program? This is a fun and great way to make extra money during your spare time. VIPKID is FREE to join and you can learn more how you can make extra money here. They are hiring now!

10. Sell Your Expertise & Freelance

I saved this for last.

Are you a natural salesperson? If so, this will be a breeze. If not, consider going into business with someone who has a strong sales skill-set and experience.

Sales itself is a mandatory skill needed to sell expertise, coaching and mentoring.

In fact, I will clarify it and say ONLINE SALES EXPERIENCE.

It took me years to learn online sales & marketing. Now that I have those skills, I am able to have success fairly easily.

I recommend you get some training regardless.

Check out this COMPANY. They really do a great job of training you for online success. And the price is, well, stupidly low for what it can do for your future income streams!

Thats it for now!

Hope you enjoyed these 11 side hustles to make $1000 quickly!


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